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What a heart warming story of a mother and daughter and the reflection of their lives. How where they lived and traveled half way around the world formed the great faith that they have in God. You will be pulled into the story right from the first and go along for the ride of their lives. There will be times when you laugh and when you cry. Grab a cup of coffee sit back and take a trip with "A Harvest of Joy".

This book is about a missionaries life from childhood to adulthood, raising two children on the mission field and all that goes along with that. But hold on a minute. It's just so much more. The life lessons I gained from the book are priceless. Robert and Dorothy Webb are just real, salt of the earth people who just wanted to do something great for God. They made some mistakes along the way, sure, their transparency in this book is challenging as well, but overall you come away from "Harvest of Joy" challenged. Challenged to do more, see more, sacrifice more, love more, think outside the box more, and trust more. 


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