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BEYOND the Silence is a ministry that started to encourage Christ followers to go BEYOND mediocrity into abundance and freedom. It encourages Christ followers to go BEYOND the walls of the church into the marketplace with the good news of Jesus Christ.

BEYOND the Silence goes BEYOND the possible into the impossible - the natural into the supernatural! Tammy and Wolter’s heart is to go beyond the walls of the church and touch a world that is hungry for purpose.

They share God’s love and the liberating truth that Jesus came that we might have abundant life and take back all the God of this world has stolen. They have taken the message of abundance and freedom to South America, Mexico, Asia and Africa. Tammy has written a discipleship workbook that has been translated into English, Spanish and Russian.

This study has helped believers get beyond crippling habits and compulsive behaviors to walk free in the truth and power of the Holy Spirit. Chains are breaking. Tammy and Wolter seek to reach those who have been marginalized and may never set their foot in a church. They travel the world not as tourists but as covert operatives with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

There passion is to live a life of BEYOND and to teach others to do likewise.